As of Friday, May 22, the City of Indianapolis will close five streets to vehicular traffic, including three blocks of Broad Ripple Avenue. There may be a north-south street closure street in Broad Ripple as well, but the City is still evaluating those options.

NOTE: Guilford and Winthrop Avenues will still be open to vehicular traffic for crossing the Avenue, and cars will still be able to exit the banks on the West end of the Avenue and turn North onto College Avenue (see map detail below).

See this article for more details about the current street closures. 

It is crucial that all pedestrians and customers continue observe social distancing guidelines. According to the Mayor’s office, IMPD will be enforcing this, and businesses whose customers fail to comply with these practices will be temporarily shut down. Please help our small businesses by practicing social distancing and encouraging others to do so as well.

If you are a business owner or landlord and you have questions about tents, sidewalk expansion, encroachment, deliveries or other related matters, please contact our Neighborhood Advocate Natalie Van Dongen via email here

See the map we received from the Department of Public Works below.