Today we learned that the City of Indianapolis is extending the Broad Ripple Avenue street closure through Labor Day weekend. While the BRVA was not a part of that decision, we received notice ahead of today’s Department of Public Works press release.

As the City explained, the goal is to shrink COVID-19 numbers by the time college students return in the fall. Bars are currently the biggest concern for Marion County Health and Hospital Corporation. The City, in conjunction with Dr. Virginia Caine, considered several options, including shutting down bars. Instead, they opted to encourage as much outdoor activity as possible by continuing the existing pedestrian corridors.


We received data on the current usage on Broad Ripple Avenue from College Avenue to the Monon Trail:

Weekly 46,000

Daily Average almost 6,300

Peak Hour 1am Sunday



We just walked the Avenue with DPW Director Dan Parker and IMPD North District Lt. Scott. Many minor adjustments will be made in the upcoming week to improve safety, prevent illegal traffic flow (including vehicles on the Monon Trail), create more permanent barriers for the duration of the closure period. The changes will include the following modifications:

  • Water barricades will be replaced by concrete.
  • Bike rack barricades will be properly positioned, locked and zip-tied together for security.
  • The one-way, East-bound exit lane from the bank drive-throughs on the Eastern end of the Avenue onto College will be marked as ride share lanes to be used for Uber, Lyft and taxis at night.
  • Excess racking and other materials will be removed for safety.

Public safety will be an ongoing concern with late-night crowding. We will be working closely with IMPD on an action plan. Bar owners will be encouraged to act responsibly in limiting the crowds they attract to those they can safely fit inside their indoor and outdoor establishment areas. Please help us by urging your local bar owners to discourage large promotions until vehicular traffic returns to Broad Ripple Avenue. 


Trash is an ongoing to be an issue throughout the village, especially in the absence of street sweepers during the closure. We will continue to work with DPW on solutions. Please encourage all businesses, employees, guests and residents to not litter and to keep their sidewalks free and clear of waste daily. Our monthly cleanups will continue and the additional waste cans added at the start of the street closure will remain in place throughout the closure period.