Tuesday, November 17, 6pm
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Members in good standing will be voting during the meeting on the following slate of new BRVA Board Directors (check your membership status here):

  • Rachel Hickey – existing board member. Filling a partial term, Rachel has performed well over the past year, particularly with BRVA’s social media efforts. She is eager to dive into BRVA opportunities post Covid-19, when we can offer our traditional events and consider new ones.  Rachel has clearly established relationships with a number of BR businesses, and we think she will have a very positive impact in the future.


  • Tom Gray grew up in Indy, spent time on the East Coast but has lived in Forest Hills since 2000.  He loves walking to BR and the feel of the village. He’s co-owner of Douglas and Gray Wealth Mgmt on College. Tom brings long involvement with non-profit boards to BRVA, with extensive focus in recycling (he helped establish the Indiana Recycling Coalition). He’s all about balance in terms of change for the Village, and he feels good about current progress.


  • Mike Simmons is a 30-year Lilly employee who now runs Bridge Builder Strategies. Their firm is closing out their current office and plans to start up a new office in BR.  He also teaches at the Butler business school.  Mike loves the feel of the Village, and believes Broad Ripple has always set the example for similar areas in Indy. Mike, too, is fine with the evolution of Broad Ripple, but would like to see more restaurants and shops to compliment the bars.


  • Jordan Williams is a transportation engineer working for a local firm. His real passion is walking and biking, which he tries to do as much of as he can. Jordan is all about connectivity, especially mass transit, bike lanes & trails as they relate to Broad Ripple Ave. He is also passionate about the RiverWalk project and looks forward to contributing in that area.


  • Matt Hornyak is an advertising and communications professional who now runs marketing for a national fraternity based in Carmel. He’s glad to work in areas where he has some expertise or take on totally new things. He is a passionate resident who has lived in Broad Ripple for 9 years.

Also on the agenda are updates from IMPD, DPW, the Mayor’s office, as well as our neighborhood’s year in review. We will be looking ahead to upcoming projects and have a “type in” question and answer session. The meeting is FREE for members, and we suggest a $1- donation for non-members. If you aren’t a member, consider joining our efforts with a membership here.