Following recent events, the BRVA Board of Directors met with representatives from IMPD and the City-County Council to learn more about current practices and identify infrastructure challenges that make the community susceptible to these activities. As a result of that meeting, the Board prepared a letter to elected city leadership asking them to take a stand against this violence and implement effective solutions to create a safe and peaceful environment for our residents, businesses, and visitors. We will continue to have tough conversations and push on the appropriate city offices to provide resources.

Residents and supporters of Broad Ripple are encouraged to reach out to city leadership through Mayor’s Action Center Services including:

  • Call the Mayor’s Action Center at 317.327.4622
  • Contact the elected officials where you vote here
  • Communicate with our Mayor’s Neighborhood Advocate, Rosemary Stockdale through email ( or phone 317.327.5140

Included below is communication the BRVA Board sent to city leadership on behalf of the organization and our community late last week.


It has become routine that nights in the summer months in Broad Ripple Village are met with an increase in violent crime and an overall lawlessness in our streets. We have been informed by IMPD that they are doing everything they can within their power and policies and yet, this continues to worsen. The property damage, injuries, and risk of life sustained by our residents and businesses is unacceptable. One of Indianapolis’ original cultural districts is now a place residents and guests avoid and often fear.

The Board of Directors of the Broad Ripple Village Association (BRVA) requests leadership within the City of Indianapolis to respond to the following list of initiatives geared towards improving public safety in our community:

  • Dedicated, city-sponsored resource to support in inter-agency crime mitigation efforts, monitor daily/weekly crime occurrence and trends, and regularly report to the BRVA and its members documentation of bad actors, incidents, liquor licenses up for renewal, etc.
  • Parking lot security plan and resources for small businesses
    • Access to barriers, cables, etc. 
    • Additional lighting
  • Promotional campaign of public safety measures
    • Elected official visibility in Broad Ripple
    • Planned media events
    • Presence at public meeting/town hall
  • Funding for additional proactive mitigation efforts as requested by IMPD and/or other public safety agencies

We welcome the opportunity to discuss this further, however time is of the essence and our community is in crisis. Now is the time for action.


Tom Drew, Board President
Matt Hornyak, Board Vice President
Leigh-Ann Richardville, Board Secretary
Bryan Phillips, Board Treasurer
Jordan Dillon, Executive Director
Mark Demerly, Board Member
Matt Frazier, Board Member
Tom Gray, Board Member
Rachel Hickey, Board Member
Jarrod Krisiloff, Board Member
Sarah Myers, Board Member
Katie Stearns, Board Member
Kip Tew, Board Member
Karen Valiquett, Board Member

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