For more information, a map of the closures, or to contact the City for help with permits, deliveries, and more CLICK HERE.

1. What streets are affected? Broad Ripple Avenue will be closed from College Avenue to the Monon Trail. Traffic will still be able to cross Broad Ripple Avenue at College Avenue, Guilford Avenue, and Winthrop Avenue. There will also be a traffic exit lane from Huntington and Chase Bank parking lots that allows you to exit onto Broad Ripple Avenue and travel west to College Avenue.

2. When does this take effect and for how long? The closure started Friday, May 22nd. The approved order allows for the closure to last through July 4th and was extended by the Mayor through Labor Day on September 8.

3. Who decided to close the street? The City of Indianapolis: the Mayor made the decision, the Department of Public Works and the Department of Business and Neighborhood Services are executing the changes. The BRVA was notified of the closure shortly before it was announced publicly.

4. Why is the street being closed? According to the Mayor’s office, the first objective is to create spacious pedestrian corridors in dense business and entertainment areas so people can safely walk from place to place as businesses start opening. Another objective is to allow small businesses and restaurants to expand outdoors to allow for social distancing during the COVID-19 pandemic. See what our member businesses are doing here.

5. Which businesses will be open? Businesses are still making the decision when and how to open individually. Click here to see the Mayor’s Safe Start to Summer Plan.

6. How do I get to the post office or businesses on Carrollton Avenue just south of Broad Ripple Avenue? From south College Ave, turn right on 62nd Street. Make a left at the paved alley which is halfway between College and Carrollton. You will soon see the parking lot on the right which is across from the post office. You can park there or head towards Carrollton. From Carrollton Avenue lower than 6200, head north to 62nd Street. Turn left and then turn right at the paved alley which is halfway between College and Carrollton. You will soon see the parking lot on the right which is across from the post office. You can park there or head towards Carrollton.

7. Which other ways can I get around Broad Ripple? From South College Avenue, turn right onto Westfield Boulevard which is just north of Broad Ripple Avenue. It connects to Guilford Avenue (north and south) and South Winthrop and continues on north to Westfield Boulevard. All north-south streets will remain open. If traveling through the area, use Kessler Boulevard/59th Street.

8. How often will DPW empty the trash cans and can they get in?  DPW is emptying the trash cans several times a week and they added additional cans on the Avenue.  At the request of the BRVA, they also resumed street sweeping of the Avenue.  Please refrain from littering.

9. Will delivery drivers be allowed to drive in to pick up carry-out orders? The Avenue will be closed to vehicular traffic. Allowances need to be made for drivers to pick up orders at rear entrances in the alleys or side streets and not directly from Broad Ripple Avenue.

10. Where do I park to go to one of these businesses on Broad Ripple Avenue? We recommend the garage at the corner of College and Westfield Boulevard. There is also on-street parking available surrounding the area.

11. Will there be added security? The BRVA has been in contact with IMPD North District command and they are developing a safety plan to monitor the closure’s challenges from a public safety standpoint. Beat Officers have been alerted about the closures and will maintain a presence in the area focused on the village’s safety. They plan for a continuous evaluation of how they can best keep Broad Ripple a safe place to live, work, and play. The BRVA will maintain close contact with IMPD and encourage adding resources as necessary.

12. CORRECTION: Will social distancing be enforced? We have been told that although IMPD will be present to mitigate public safety issues, they are not able to actively enforce social distancing guidelines. If a business violates COVID-19 related restrictions, the officers will be writing up reports to be sent to the Mayor’s office, who will be determining next steps.  In other words, it’s up to all of us to help keep Broad Ripple safe as businesses start to open up again.