weather-policy-photoThe BRFM has always been a rain-or-shine market.  We have made a commitment to be open the days and hours we have published.  And our vendors have worked long hours and traveled considerable distances to serve you. Our customers reciprocate by coming prepared with rain coats and umbrellas to shop and enjoy the Market!

  • If a severe weather threat occurs prior to the opening of the Market and there is reason to believe the threat will persist through much of the morning, the Market opening may be delayed, or cancelled altogether if the forecast is ominous.
  • If severe weather conditions develop after the Market has opened, customers, vendors and volunteers are expected to move to a safe place until the weather has passed.  In most cases the safest place will be in their vehicles. For customers who have walked or biked to the Market, there are large public restrooms in the building with the orange stripe, just to the west of the market. Once the weather has passed, a determination will be made about resuming Market operations for the remainder of the Market day.

In all cases, if the Market were to close or be delayed, a notification would be posted on our website, and communications would go out via Facebook, and Twitter.