‘Tis the season for holiday parties and family gatherings. The Market has everything you need for an amazing appetizer board that’s oh so easy to do. Here’s how!

  1. Start with the board: Use a slate, wooden tray, cutting board, platter, large plate, or even a baking sheet. Any flat surface will work
  2. Select some cheeses: You’ll want 3-4 different cheeses*. To get a nice variety of texture and flavor, look for soft, firm, aged, and/or blue. Bring them to room temperature before serving.
  3. Add some meat: Cured meats like salamis are perfect for appetizer boards. You can also get fresh link sausages, roast them, and cut them into bite-size pieces. Smoked salmon is another good choice.
  4. Provide veggies: Pickles, pickled or raw vegetables, roasted peppers, and cold steamed potatoes, are all great for added color and nutrition. A small bowl of chopped onion is nice as well.
  5. You need fruit: Apples are the perfect choice. Soak apple slices in a solution of water and lemon juice to keep them from discoloring. Grapes and dried fruits are good too.
  6. Something saucy: For dipping or spreading you’ll want a variety of dips, hummus, jams, preserves, honey, sauces, or mustards.
  7. Don’t forget the base: A couple types of bread like baguette, rye loaf, focaccia, or any you like can be sliced and cut into easy pieces to act as a base for many of the items on your board.
  8. Finish it with flair: Use fresh herbs tucked in as a garnish and fresh greens as a bed for the components to rest on.

*Visit Tulip Tree Creamery and Caprini Farmstead Creamery to find what you need. Ask Katy and Mike to help you choose and recommend delicious pairings.

When choosing your ingredients, think about variety. You’ll want savory and sweet. Consider textures like creamy, crunchy, crumbly, or crisp.

Some sort of labeling to identify things is helpful, especially for the cheeses.

And don’t forget the cheese knives, small spoons for dips & sauces, and toothpicks.

Happy holidays and happy nibbling!