The Broad Ripple Village Association, along with other Midtown neighborhoods, has received several petitions for variance of development standards relating to the installation of 5G towers fro Verizon and their subcontractor. Our Land Use & Development Committee is committed to using the same process for recommendation of approval or denial that we use for all other petitioners. We have joined our neighboring associations (Meridian-Kessler Neighborhood Association and Butler-Tarkington Neighborhood Association), as well as our local and state elected officials in requesting that the City enact that our typical, open process is followed. We feel very strongly that public input and property owners’ rights should be part of this process as in all other land use cases.

Please use this link to get all of the updates on this issue, including:

What can you do about it?

The first step in any issue is to educate ourselves on the topic to be able to make a well-rounded, informed decision going forward. Additionally, your collective voice as an Association of neighbors can be very powerful.

If you have strong feelings about any particular placement (complete list of placements and petition numbers here), we encourage you to send a letter of support/a letter condemning the project to with the petition number in the subject. All letters will be compiled and delivered to the Department of Metropolitan Development Planner responsible for each respective petition/case to reinforce the neighborhood’s stance on the topic.

Residents are also able to send comments to the Department of Metropolitan Development directly at