1. What are your hours?

The Winter Market is open Saturday mornings 9:00 am to noon, November through April.  No customers are admitted to the Market prior to opening.

2. May I place preorders with vendors?

A few vendors offer online pre-paid preordering.  Preordering information is found on vendor websites which may be found via our vendor list.

3. Are dogs allowed at the Market?

No.  Just like grocery stores, dogs are not allowed.  Service dogs that are properly identified are allowed.

4. Where do I park at the Market?

The entrance to the Market is located on the northside of Glendale Town Center off of 62nd Street and there is ample parking on the northside of the building. Handicapped parking spaces are located near the entrance.

5. Is there a vendor map?

Yes, you will always find the weekly vendor map on our Market map page. The vendors serving breakfast items are located inside and to your left.  We have a designated seating area with tables and chairs where customers may sit and enjoy breakfast. You will also find our weekly live musical entertainment in this area.

7. Is there a customer walkway within the Market?

There is a designated tile walkway throughout the Market and we ask that customers not stand in line within this walkway.

8. Where are the trash cans?

You will find them centrally located by the Indy Go Green booth next to the dining tables and chairs.  Please separate your trash into the three receptacles: composting, recycling, and landfill.  There are signs to assist you.

The food containers and napkins/paper towels used at the Market are compostable.  The signs will indicate where to place your trash.

9. Are there restrooms?

Yes, they are located outside the Market entrance.  Stop by the BRFM info table near the entrance for directions.

10. Do you accept SNAP/EBT?

Yes, we participate in the SNAP/Fresh Bucks program!  Stop by the BRFM info table near the entrance and a volunteer can assist you.  More information may be found here.

11. Is smoking allowed at the Market?

No, we are a smoke-free Market and smoking is not allowed in the building. This includes vaping devices.

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