We love our ready-to-eat food vendors and we know you do too, but trash and food waste at the Market can be substantial. We have tried to reduce the waste by separating out recyclables and compostables, but the reality is that it can be confusing. Often recyclables are contaminated and it’s hard to know which food containers, napkins, and utensils are compostable. So sadly, much of the trash generated at the Market has ended up in a landfill in spite of our best efforts.

To better address our trash and food waste output, we began in 2021 transitioning all of our ready-to-eat food vendors to serve their food and beverages using only compostable products. Fortunately, these products have evolved over the last several years and there are many options available. That helps take the guesswork out of deciding how to dispose of trash and food waste at the Market. You will also see that we have converted to compostable paper towels at the handwashing station.

We expect that 90% of trash will be compostable this season. We will have recycling available for water bottles and aluminum cans but we expect that to be a small amount. The same is true with landfill trash. As in years past, Green With Indy will be taking all of our compostable trash to a commercial composter each week.

You will find the cans centrally located by the Green with Indy booth near the dining tables and chairs and the music on the north side of the center section of the Market.  Please separate your trash into the three receptacles: composting, recycling, and landfill.  There are signs to assist you.

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