We love our ready-to-eat food vendors and we know you do too, but trash and food waste at the Market can be substantial. We have significantly reduced landfill waste we generate by requiring our ready to eat vendors to use compostable serving ware. By separating out recyclables and compostables into separate containers, our landfill trash is minimal! Unfortunately compostable serving ware is difficult to distinguish from recyclable and non-compostable products. To assist our customers we have located our trash bins at the boothspace of our Compost vendor INDY GO GREEN. Audra and her team will provide guidance about which items go in which bin. Audra then transports our compostable waste to the commercial composter Greencycle.

Compostable disposal tips:

  • Food waste is always compostable.
  • Paper and cardboard that are NOT wax coated are compostable.
  • Serving ware marked with a certified compostable symbol are compostable.
  • Serving ware marked as biodegradable and plant-based are NOT compostable.

You will find the trash bins at the INDY GO GREEN booth in the middle row, just behind the music on the north end of the Market. Thanks for helping reduce our landfill waste!!

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