1. What are your hours?

The Market opens Saturday mornings at 8:00 am May-September and at 9:00 am in October.  No customers are admitted to the Market prior to opening.  The Market closes at noon.

2. Are masks required at the Market?

In accordance with current CDC guidelines, the Market does not require customers, vendors, or volunteers to wear masks. Everyone is welcome to wear a mask as many have done in the past.

The CDC recommends that masks be worn by your personal preference, informed by your personal level of risk. Learn more on the CDC website here.

3. May I place preorders with vendors?

Some vendors offer online pre-paid preordering.  Preordering information is found on vendor websites which may be found via our vendor list.

4. Are dogs allowed at the Market?

Yes, well-behaved dogs on short leashes are allowed at the Market. Dog owners should consult the Dog Rules.

5. Where do I park at the Market?

There are several customer parking lots at Second Presbyterian Church, plus overflow parking is available at St. Luke Catholic Church.  Please consult our Parking Document which includes a map for more information.

6. Is there a vendor map?

Yes, you will always find the weekly vendor map on our main web page. The Market is laid out with vendors on all four sides and a few in the middle.  The vendors serving breakfast items are located on the northside of the Market. There is a shelter with picnic tables down a path past these vendors where customers may sit and eat. You will also find our weekly live musical entertainment in this area.

7. Is there a customer walkway within the Market?

Yes, there is a designated walkway in front of the vendor booths, indicated by double green arrows.  If there is a line for a vendor, the line forms on the other side of the walkway.  Please do not walk through the customer lines, and only through the designated WALKWAY.

Green circles have been painted on the pavement to indicate where customers should stand when being helped by a vendor AND to indicate where to stand while waiting to make a purchase. Be mindful of the designated walkway in front of the vendor booths.

8. Are there restrooms?

Yes, there are two portolets located in the northeast corner of the Market by the entrance to the dining pavilion.  Hand washing is located in the center of the Market next to the trash cans.

9. Are there trash cans?

Yes, there are trash cans centrally located in the center of the Market next to the Green with Indy tent.  Please separate your trash into the three receptacles: landfill, recycling, and composting.  There are signs to assist you.

New this year is the food containers and napkins/paper towels we use at the Market are now compostable.  The signs will indicate where to place your trash.

10. Is smoking allowed at the Market?

No, we are a smoke-free Market and smoking is not allowed on the Church property. This includes vaping devices.

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