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Kielbasa Skillet Supper

February 14th, 2024|0 Comments

This is an easy one pan meal that Market volunteer Jinny Bastianelli's mother used to make. It has lots of satisfying flavor for chilly mid-winter evenings, and it’s full of great veggies so it’s as [...]

Home-made Sauerkraut

February 1st, 2024|0 Comments

HOME-MADE SAUERKRAUT By Lidey Heuck in New York Times Cooking Making sauerkraut is both simple and hands-off. In this recipe, shredded cabbage is mixed with kosher salt and stored in a ventilated jar. In a week’s [...]

Mushroom Risotto with Peas

January 25th, 2024|0 Comments

Mushroom Risotto With Peas By Martha Rose Shulman in New York Times Cooking If you are ever at a loss for what to make for an impromptu dinner party, especially if there will be vegetarians at [...]

Freedom Valley Farm Mushroom Recipes

January 17th, 2024|0 Comments

Freedom Valley Farm is happy to share their favorite recipes with BRFM customers!! Freedom Valley Farm’s Korean Fried Oyster Mushrooms  These crispy/spicy fried mushrooms make a great snack or pre dinner appetizer. Traditionally these mushrooms [...]

Stovetop Mushroom Lasagna

January 10th, 2024|0 Comments

Stovetop Mushroom Lasagna Adapted from a recipe by Sarah Jampal in Bon Appetit, October 2020 This is a weeknight-friendly, pure comfort-food casserole that is infinitely versatile. Just use the right sized pan—a large skillet with [...]

Farro and Mushroom Gratin

January 4th, 2024|0 Comments

Farro and Mushroom Gratin Based on Melissa Clark’s recipe in New York Times Cooking In this gratin, nutty farro and earthy mushrooms are baked with herbs and mascarpone into a creamy casserole topped with Gruyère. It’s [...]

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